International Conference "Innovation and Quality in the Public Sector"

Innovation represents novel ways to identify new methods for obtaining quality results.
In delivering civil services, quality is required - characteristic that can be achieved through performance, competence, careful consideration in using public money.

In this context, we are pleased to combine the two concepts so as to discover and disseminate best practices in public administration.

Therefore, by the international conference Innovation and Quality in the Public Sector, in itself an innovative concept for the Romanian administration, we intend both to make known success stories, best practices implemented in the Romanian and European public administration and to reward these initiatives in order to encourage performance in the public system.

We are proud that our initiative is eagerly awaited every year both by those who submit their successful projects to The Competition of Best Practices in Romanian Public Administration, as well as by practitioners in the European public administration.

"We have always seen this event as a gala of excellence in public administration, one that has the great merit of promoting performance and demonstrating that what is most characteristic of the private sector, that is, efficient management, is also possible in the public sector. We thank the National Agency of Civil Servants for this opportunity, to promote successful projects, to get us involved in low-cost projects that can serve citizens' interests."

Alin Iuga,
Chief of Service - Cluj County Council, 2017

"The ten years of experience with the National Agency of Civil Servants gave me the opportunity to grade with 10 the initiative, not only for inventiveness, not only for how careful are the public servants with the environment or how careful are with the changes that political, social or economic environments raise in public activity, but also because they represent a team that is so dynamic and so consolidated around the idea of innovation and quality. "

Diana-Camelia Iancu,
Associate professor, PHD - Faculty of Public Administration, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, 2017

"What the National Agency of Civil Servants does, with a great team, is very important. Recognizing effort, work, performance, is very important to people, because that is what actually makes the difference. I am very happy to be with the National Civil Servants' team. "

Cristina Guseth,
Director - Freedom House Romania, 2017